Memorial weekend finds

Polka dots

The polka dotted blouse is lovely and fits perfectly in xxs the sleeves can be buttoned up so the length is NOT a problem. The slim fit is perfect on the sides for a petite frame. The xs fit, but I liked the xxs much better. It is now buy one get one half off at Express, so make sure you take a look at the others.


The gingham screw top is so pretty the color is much prettier in person. The material is a little wrinkly, but with softener and an anti wrinkle spray it holds perfectly. The xxs fits like a glove and it’s on sale.

Chelsea crossbody

The Chelsea crossbody is selling fast. My color is NOT even an option, but they have the classic stone on sale and also available in CLOUD color which is beautiful. Also the smooth leather Chelsea in wildflower color is absolutely beautiful. I saw it at the store and the color looks better in person. I recommend you give it a try it hints to lavender.

Slim fit portofino polka dotted blouse xxs at Express. Praire satchel on older blog (see handbags). Gingham shirt xxs at Jcrewfactory . Chelsea stone and blue colors available at Chelsea pebble leather   Chelsea smooth leather wildflower color Coach Chelsea smooth leather Chelsea smooth leather

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