Jessica Simpson espardilles

This lovely shoe arrived and I felt in love with it. The material is leather, soft and beautiful. The only issue I had with it is that the size 5 is 9inches which it too big for me. I usually wear 5 but the size in this shoe runs 1/2 inch too big. However, if you wear a 6 which normally is 9 inches long then you are in luck! This shoe is so pretty and much prettier in person. The straps are needed because they help the shoe stay in place, but then again the shoe was big on me, so maybe in my size I could have worn it without the straps. You’ll have to try it and let me know 🙂 In my case I had to return. 1/2 Too big for me sadly. I also have narrow fit. If you have wide feet I don’t recommend this shoe because it may be too tight and You’ll have to size up then the shoe may be too long. However, the shoe is worth a try. Good luck to you on this lovely shoe!

Jessica Simpson lace up platform flat in leather color cream/ivory but also available in black Platform espardilles

The polka dot gray top and Coach handbag (see older blogs) both are on sale.


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