Jewelry 2018

Tiffany & Co

I haven’t blogged in a while, it has become easier to post on Instagram and maybe I needed a little inspiration. 🙂 I visited the Tiffany’ s store and I got my inspiration back! I have fallen in love with their silver jewelry. Like all silver, with time the pieces will tarnish, so care and cleaning will have to go into any piece your purchase.

The small heart pendant with key on a 18″ chain. It’s lovely and shiny just the perfect size to layer it with other pieces. The heart is about 1″ from top to bottom (see picture below). The only critique is that the chain is very thin and the heart flips on its side, so I will be purchasing a link and a beaded chain for it. The link is about $20 and the beaded chain $50.

The silver mini double heart pendant on a 16″ chain is so small and dainty.  Is also available in different colors. The hearts are very small, less than half an inch(see pics below) and one of the hearts is engraved with the return to Tiffanys logo. The extra heart could be engraved for an extra charge. Again, the chain is very thin and the hearts can’t come off unless you change the links. The links that come with it are too small that they can’t go through the clasp. The 16″ is a perfect length for petite frames, if you are very small on your neck and shoulder area. However, you may want to go into the store to make sure that you are comfortable with the length. Both pieces retail at a very fair price under $200.00 if you’d like to venture into the Tiffanys wagon! Below I included pictures of sizes and length of the two necklaces 😉



Heart with key pendant  Mini hearts necklace silver


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