Accessories 2017

Accessories are a girl’s best friend.

This necklaces are on sale! They are lovely, fun and look very pretty in person and could make any outfit! Perfect for completing your outfit. They are good quality too!

Bubble necklace in three colors Pink, orange, blue available in green Here   Jewel necklace Light pink stone A little fancier jewel necklace Layered circle jewel Crystal floral In pink




Accessories 2017

Flower charm and sunnies

NECKLACE: The lovely flower charm necklace is beauty and elegant. The color is a pretty peach color that could match and add pizzaz to many outfits. I am debating weather or not I should take off the extra bottom layer, but I haven’t decided yet. I think It’s a piece that I will be wearing often. I don’t know what the black one looks like, but the paloma color looks a lot more beautiful in person than in the picture.

SUNGLASSES: THE sunnies are so cool. They are different from anything I own and they look so pretty. Honestly, all the SUNGLASSES at loft right now are very unique and stylish, so you can’t go wrong. But, the bar round sunglasses were my favorite and I had to have them.

Flower charm necklace $39.99 plus 60% at checkout Paloma flower charm The round bar sunglasses come also in two colors and are 50%off Loft sale For the scalloped cami look at older blog.