Sales 2018


I had my eye on the jcrew Stewart plaid shirt during the Holidays, but my size sold out. When I saw it on sale for $25 I had to get. I am so glad I did… I understand why It’s so popular. It fits so well and It’s very different from most tops. So, get it while It’s on sale! Check out petite coats on sale prices are very good right now…unfortunately they sell out fast. They can sell out while you have it in your cart, so check out immediately. My secret is to check between 12 and 3 am. If I happen to be awake I check their site for sales. I’ve gotten lucky as most of my coats I was able to snatch during sales.

LOFT is another favorite for great sales. The striped sweater and sleeveless top are so pretty and stylish. Right nowthe 40%off sale is the way to go! This two items are so pretty. I have worn them a lot since I go them. Only, I wish I had gotten them on sale. The sleeveless top is so pretty. The neck and buttons on the shoulders make it so delicate and stylish!

The booties are under 40 and are so stylish I included an option for you. I specially love the fringe on the back. It feels really cool when you walk!



Striped loft sweaterPxxs,  Fringe booties Size5,  Stewart plaid jcrew topp2,   LOFT button shoulder sleeveless toppxxs